I converted my front yard

I wanted to grown my own vegetables but I had no room in the back yard of my Sydney suburban home, as we have a swimming pool.  My front lawn always looked scrappy, so I made the decision to put my vegetable garden out the front.

Some of my neighbours thought it was a very strange idea.  Many of them asked what if people came in and just helped themselves to my produce.  I loved that idea!  If people were so keen try a fresh vegetable straight from the ground – awesome.  Especially if it was their children.  Most children these days have no idea where their food comes from.

Part of my motivation for growing my own vegetables is simply because I love the idea.  My godmother lived in the country NSW and when I would visit her, I loved helping in her vegetable garden.  Another reason is that they just taste better.  And one of my children became a vegan.  And finally I hoped to save a little bit of money, as a single mum every cent counts.

The front garden has become a wonderful talking point with my friends and family.  And now that it is in – the neighbours love it.  Especially when they get to enjoy the produce too.  One of my lovely neighbours, Pedro, was also into growing his own and he gave me some cuttings from his rosemary and oregano plants – and I am happy to say that they are doing marvelously.  These plants have an even more significant meaning now as dear Pedro had a stroke and is now in a nursing home.  Every time I use some Rosemary or Oregano, I think of him and send up a little prayer.

So the point of this blog – to share my garden with you and also some other helpful “stuff” (hopefully helpful lol) like Budget Eating, Vegan Eating, Healthy Eating and Eating Fresh from the Garden.  I’m no expert.  I have no qualificiations, I just want to share my experiences.